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What We Do

  • Automation of Projects

    ADF specializes in automation of projects in several different industries. We have designed and built projects ranging from the honing of the smallest edge break on carbide tipped saw blades, to the automated removal of Titanium from a cathode. We have built automated deburring machines that are completely enclosed pass thru machines, and robotic cells as well. Some other types of automation that we have been involved with include all types of welding, and material handling equipment.

  • 3D Design

    ADF uses SolidWorks for all of our mechanical design and we provide manuals and complete BOM’s with all of our machines no matter what size they are. We can also use most any type of PLC/HMI control interface that the customer desires including but not limited to AB, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and Pro Face. Our machines are generally one off custom machines so building to your standards is not an issue with ADF we welcome and appreciate the customers input throughout the complete process.

  • High Quality Components

    ADF will always try to use purchased components whenever possible to simplify the machines function, and durability. Others make linear rails, slides, clamping systems, and cylinders for a reason they are good at it. We do not hide those part numbers from our customers, we are machine designers and builders, not spare part sellers, and we firmly believe that the customer does not need us marking up a purchased component when they can purchase it themselves more economically.

Alternative Design & Fabrication 20 Years of Engineering Excellence