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The machine was designed and built for Precision Finishing Systems in Dayton Ohio. The parts being deburred are for all Honda engines, they are a precision fine blanked stainless steel part that is subsequently dual disc ground and requires deburring. The annual requirement for these parts is in excess of 2 million per year. The parts are loaded into a feed escapement chute that presents them to slots in the first dial, two brushes deburr the first side and as the dial indexes around the parts are fed to the second dial which then deburrs the opposite side of the part. We would normally use magnetic conveyors to transfer ferrous parts through a machine, using this design allows us to effectively transfer nonferrous parts thru a machine with no damage done to the parts. We used an AB Processor controlled by a Pro-face HMI to control the machine functions which includes our auto amp brush compensation system that keeps the brushes engaged automatically as they wear. As a complete package the machine provides a very simple and reliable way to deburr fine blanked nonferrous parts.


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