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MPC Process Equipment contracted us to design and build a Titanium Harvesting machine for Honeywell after robots were deemed not to be viable long term solution.

The machine is designed to strip pure Titanium crystal from a cathode. The titanium cannot be touched by anything other than titanium to keep it as pure as possible, to accomplish this we used 3 17” diameter titanium blades.

The cathode is mounted to the top spindle that shuttles the cathode in to work and rotates it during the process. There are 3 cutting heads mounted to each of the 3 vertical uprights which feed down via ball screws effectively removing the titanium from the cathode where it falls into a bin placed under the cathode to catch it.

The machine is made entirely from 316 S.S. and is powder coated with a special Phenolic resin powder to protect it from the acidic atmosphere of the room it is installed in.

The machine is HMI/PLC controlled with selective recipes for all of the different length cathodes that can be ran thru the machine. It was also designed to be 100% OSHA compliant with all the proper guarding and safety protocols installed.


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